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Abstract: Verizon welcomes this opoprtunity to povide these five Principles for Internet Governance as input into the discussions at the Global Multistaekholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance, to be held 23-24 April 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Principles for Internet Governance

Submitted by Verizon


Verizon appreciates this opportunity to participate in the “Global Multi-stakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance” (NETmundial).  The Internet has become a key engine of economic growth and development around the world, and its ability to connect people is a powerful resource that must be sustained.  In order to maximize its future growth, we must ensure that the Internet remains an open, stable, secure, resilient, and interoperable platform for all users, and that Internet policies allow for the free flow of information and continued innovation.   In pursuit of these critical goals, we believe that preserving the multistakeholder model of Internet governance will best enable the participation of all global citizens in utilizing Internet technology and in contributing to the global dialogue on Internet issues. 


Like many other technology companies, Verizon is looking toward the future, and is focused on improving the lives of individuals and communities through global connectivity and innovation.  We are shaping our technology to band together with others to find powerful solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges, such as healthcare, education, and sustainability, which will further drive economic and social growth. 


To meet these challenges, it is important that policies developed around the Internet are flexible and take into account the common interests of Internet users around the world.  These policies should encourage innovation and investment throughout the Internet ecosystem.  Internet technology is rapidly changing areas such as health care and cloud computing, and requires an environment that will continue to nurture the development of a healthy Internet ecosystem.  A healthy ecosystem of connectivity, services, and content will enable market access and boost investments in infrastructure and access. We strongly believe that collaboration among a wide range of stakeholders, including the technical community, civil society, academia, governments, and businesses will produce the best Internet policy outcomes. 


Because the Internet is by definition global, it is essential that the dialogue on the future of Internet governance include contributions from all relevant stakeholders.  NETmundial provides a valuable opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders to discuss Internet governance principles that will sustain Internet growth and investment.  Verizon welcomes this timely opportunity, and, to that end, we offer the following principles as part of a more comprehensive framework for Internet governance:

·                 Promote a pro-competitive environment that will foster innovation and investment, ensure an open and seamless Internet that is safe and secure, work to reduce and eliminate unnecessary barriers to trade, and act where necessary to ensure adequate protection of key public interest obligations.

·                 Ensure that policy frameworks reflect the dynamic and rapid evolution of the Internet ecosystem, and generally rely on consumer choices, competition, and multi-stakeholder bodies to guide the continued evolution and development of the Internet. 

·                 Promote policies that are transparent, consistent and predictable, as well as technologically neutral.

·             Recognize the importance of continued cooperation in standards setting and in enhancing interoperability, within an international, voluntary, and consensus-based environment.

·                 Include all relevant stakeholders in developing solutions to issues essential for the development of the Internet, recognizing and taking into account public interests, economic and social goals.

·                 Support human rights, especially those relating to freedom of expression and the free flow of information on the Internet.


In addition to NETmundial, Internet governance will be a central focus at a number of major international conferences and smaller working group meetings this year.  NETmundial offers an early opportunity for stakeholders to shape the ongoing dialogue over these critical issues to ensure the continued success of the Internet.  Verizon extends its appreciation to Brazil for hosting the meeting and looks forward to participating with all stakeholders in productive dialogue on a wide range of issues related to Internet governance.

Respectfully Submitted by Verizon

Jacquelynn Ruff

March 7, 2014




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