Impact of ICANN being a US registered organization and its relations with countries under US trade embargo


There are several United States embargoes and sanctions in force by the United States against several countries and activities, and Blocked so many sites on the internet Which Violate principles for the governance and use of the Internet the most notable of which are against countries the federal government of the United States considers State Sponsors of Terrorism, like Sudan. Iran, North Korea and Cuba.


Economic embargo on countries provoked devastating effects to the economy, to education and technical and scientific progress.


Some sanctions imposed by the United States government are:


Sudanese might hit a damage much of the way they operate ICANN through the economic embargo on Sudan and the introduction of the policy in their work than the impact on the treatment of this organization for Sudanese who participate in its various committees, they face discrimination qualitative and regional and ethnic hateful limits the possibility of their participation in committees and obtaining financial support be adjusted to their participation in the periodic meetings of the organization , making them suffer in getting equal opportunities fair between them and the rest of the participants from other countries. This is a big disadvantage of ICANN and the wasting of human rights in Sudan. many Sudanese participated in many of the ICANN working groups , but unfortunately, they find it difficult not justified in the presence of direct meetings to which some Sudanese belong before the ICANN meeting. but unfortunately Sudanese candidacy suffering for equal chance for the meeting under the pretext of flimsy not convince any reasonable person who has experience of how the work of committees and ICANN agent double standard . After the policy must be the work of ICANN so as not to lose credibility and respect that the laws that support equal opportunities and justice among all stakeholders.


These problems that limit our participation in these meetings that set policy for ICANN.


All stakeholders -- individual users, governments, civil society, businesses, and members of the academic and technical community -- have a stake in preserving the Internet as a critical platform for communication and information exchange, and therefore all stakeholders should be included in governance decisions. But the embargo from USA to Sudan affect negatively in Information Technology and decrease the Revolution of the information Technology, and ICANN is organization registered in USA, so that it fellows the USA law.


These sanctions imposed by the United States, which has committed ICANN is attributed to the presence in America has made Sudan a backward country in the field of communication technology and the prohibition of work sites and programs affecting scientific and software applications that help in scientific research and development of technology , which affects the stakeholders of civil society organizations non- governmental organizations , universities and research institutes . Also affected universities clearly by banning sites of scientific programs and important in the field of scientific research and the development of trade and commerce and the electronic transfer of funds with the knowledge that Sudan does not have a credit card.


This boycott and embargo on Sudan wasted human rights in Sudan's access to information and freedom of the Internet and the free exchange of data and transparency and access to any information or a particular site to browse and take advantage of its information . We find that most of the applications and software task blocked and banned in Sudan , which have negatively impacted on the free exchange of information. With the lack of transparency and lack of interest n ICANN.


There are obvious solutions, which create a clear vision and explicit to deal with people and stakeholders in order to find mechanisms to ensure participation of all States and relevant stakeholders in the work of the Internet and lay starters transparency and the understanding and cooperation of all for the benefit of humanity and find quick solutions satisfactory for all, and confirmation on the principle of equality and non-encroachment on the rights of others in the use of the Internet  because the Internet is a life.



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