DSCI Submission on Roadmap for the Further Evolution of Internet Governance Ecosystem


The proposition, if diligently implemented, would help evolve global Internet Governance model and help formulate a solution acceptable to all the stakeholders, building pros of multi-stakeholder model whilst suggesting practical and amicable solutions that can resolve IG issues. Data Security Council of India promises to actively participate in the global dialogue in reforming current IG model.


Data Security Council of India (DSCI) proposes a roadmap for further evolution of the Internet Governance model to ensure a single interoperable Internet. Steps are:

  1. A multi stakeholder model with defined roles of relevant stakeholders on all matters needs to be evolved. The conference  should ensure participation that is proportional to Internet population. Topics and issues, be it policy, technical or administrative, where representation of a set of stakeholders is mere ceremonial and not participatory, should not act as bottleneck in effective decision making.
  2. Global governance norms be evolved that separate DNS maintenance from policies on TLDs, as well as public policies that intersect with nations’ rights to make them.
  3. Industry's participation from developing countries in standards and protocol development process be ensured in bodies such as IETF, W3C, IEEE etc. More number of fellowship and internship programs should be introduced for developing countries.
  4. For ICT sector to flourish, and contribute more to socio economic development, propositions such as localization of ICT within territorial boundaries of regions etc. should not be encouraged.
  5. Effective participation of stakeholders from developing and least developed economies should be encouraged and facilitated, with focus on capacity building.
  6. National governments role in law and order, content regulation and national security within their territories be accepted; else international clashes will continue.
  7. Countries should be asked to send nominees of all stakeholders, rather than ICANN directly selecting people without any transparency.







Given that all stakeholders (including all nation states) would not effectively be represented in the Netmundial meeting, and the committees that have been formed do not ensure adequate representation of right set of stakeholders, DSCI views it as a platform that can carry forward the dialogue on evolving Internet governance model that is currently underway at numerous platforms. Further, the outcome of the meeting can be used as platform to further propose solutions that can be considered by global community to evolve Internet Governance model.


About DSCI

DSCI is a focal body on data protection in India, set-up as an independent Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) by NASSCOM®, to promote data protection, develop security and privacy best practices & standards and encourage the Indian industries to implement the same.


DSCI is engaged with the Indian IT/BPM industry, their clients worldwide, Banking and Telecom sectors, industry associations, data protection authorities and other government agencies in different countries. It conducts industry wide surveys and publishes reports, organizes data protection awareness seminars, workshops, projects, interactions and other necessary initiatives for outreach and public advocacy. DSCI is focused on capacity building of Law Enforcement Agencies for combating cyber crimes in the country and towards this; it operates several cyber labs across India to train police officers, prosecutors and judicial officers in cyber forensics.


Public Advocacy, Thought Leadership, Awareness and Outreach and Capacity Building are the key words with which DSCI continues to promote and enhance trust in India as a secure global sourcing hub, and promotes data protection in the country.




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