Contribution from the ICANN Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance


The ICANN Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) on Internet Governance drafted this contribution using multistakeholder principles. The CCWG is an ad-hoc group comprised of members of ICANN’s Supporting Organisations as well as GNSO Stakeholder Groups and constituencies. The concepts expressed in this paper resulted from discussion on the CCWG’s mailing list, input provided through the CCWG Wiki space (, and weekly conference calls from January - March 2014.As the CCWG is commenting on ICANN, and on ICANN's role within the larger Internet Governance Ecosystem in preparation for a contribution to the NETMundial Conference, these comments should be viewed as preliminary and focused on the entities within the IG Ecosystem that we have been able to consider in the short timeframe for preparing this submission. It is possible that further collaboration may lead to changes and enhancements to the CCWG views.


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